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What we do differently
Go to coconut oil

coconut oil

Our virgin coconut oil is made from the organic coconuts collected from Cambodian villages. We make coconut milk and use fermentation and filtration process to preserve the pro biotech cultures. So it can be used as a health supplement and cosmetic purposes.

Go to herbal tea

herbal tea

We believe in creating things from scratch – be it growing own herbs and spices or organic farming. Our teas are based on the Ayurvedic knowledge that has been practiced in Asia for over 3000 years.

Go to Coconut oil soap

Coconut oil soap

Did you know that most of what we put on our skin ends up in our blood? Commercial soaps are full of chemicals that harmful to your body and the environment. Thats why we use 100% coconut oil, natural herbs and essential oils to make the best soaps available in the market.

Go to wild honey

wild honey

We got into the honey collection a while back and found that most of the collectors in Cambodia did not know about sustainable way to collect honey. Thats when we started partnership with Sothey’s farm to raise awareness and build a team of experts who can collect honey suitably and teach locals about its importance.

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What we do

we grow and hand process organic products

GIY ( GRWO IT YOURSELF ) is an innovative farming model that focuses on creating communities of grow organic food and create value adding products by natural methods. These products are used by themselves and the surplus is sold in the markets to generate good income.

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